Literary Baithak


Literature is one of the fine arts, like music, dance, painting, sculpture, as it is meant to give aesthetic pleasure rather than serve any utilization purpose. Expression is a fundamental thing in literature. The author expresses his experience of life but the mere expression of experience is not enough; It has to be communicated to readers. In other words the experience which lives in the author’s mind must live again in the readers mind. For this transaction of experience and expression between author and readers, ICCS arranges a “Literary Baithak” once in every month so that students can reap benefits from the talk and discussion in developing a deeper appreciation of literature and life. The writer will talk about the operative social forces: the prevailing system of social organization including the class structure, the economic system, the political organization and deeply rooted institutions; the dominant ideas, the characteristic emotional tone, the sense of the past and pattern of contemporary realities. There is nothing in the compass of social and cultural life that the writer won’t talk about whether it is small or large, directly or by deflection giving students the impression of its surroundings.



  • To kindle students’ interest in literature by exposing them to literary issues beyond their regular curriculum
  • To promote literary discussion and performances at an advanced level facilitated by academics, writers and literary practitioners.
  • To serve as a platform to showcase pupils’ estimable literary projects.

Seminar will be conducted by guest facilitators (writers, academics, critics, practitioners of the literary and performing arts)

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