Director's message

Director's message

In the present era which is a hallmark of electronic media, social media and internet, and where knowledge and ideas are transferred in a blink, it is vital to develop such a mechanism which should peep into this amazing and robust transformation by the wings of research and teaching methods. In order to study this rapid change, transition and novelty in the set of beliefs, social norms and cultural identity, which is a growing tradition of the 21st century, Institute of Communication and Cultural studies (ICCS) is a unique entry into the dynamics of UMT.

To meet with new challenges in the field of Mass Communication and Media Studies, ICCS is working in two different capacities with the same pedagogical parameters.  The very first challenge since its inception as Center for English Language (CEL) was to cater UMT students’ English language proficiency with the help of contextualized teaching materials. Keeping this in view, ICCS has cemented a strong bond between the students and the contemporary social and electronic media. To make this effort livelier, three different books have also been introduced with the name of Reader 1, Reader 2 and Reader 3. By doing so, ICCS is using integrated pedagogical strategies in order to immerse the very soul of our students in the contextualized English literature.

In the second capacity, ICCS has introduced its degree program, BS (Honors) in English Literature. Here, ICCS in its true spirit has accepted the challenge to preserve and promote the national and international literature written in English.  To promote this very vision; seminars, talks and English language workshops are an incessant and permanent entry into ICCS.

Dr. Arshad Ali Khan
Director, ICCS

Email: [email protected]

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